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Knee Rehab

THIS WAS OUR FIRST ATTEMPT TO CREATE A PHYSICAL THERAPY PLAN AND IT IS NOW OBSOLETE. This is not easy to read, and we have improved it, but it was a start. Note that each machine is identified with the code that includes a dash and it is assumed there are up to two settings for the machine and up to four sets of reps for each machine. Dmitri says you must isolate your movement to the desired body part. When working on lower body there must be no movement in upper body. You must be stuck firmly in the seat with no extraneous movement. Be perfectly symetrical, positive, perfect, and stable. Exercise on machines should be a nice slow controlled motion. Muscles work together; hips & calf muscles are part of the chain that includes the knee.

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You should not work on the same machines on successive days because the workout tears tissue and repair takes 48 hours. So you might want to work on a set of machines twice a week and work on a different set of machines the between days (&/or swim). When I went on 10/16/2016 I tried to use the same machines as the day before. I felt perfectly fine but when I tried to do the first pull on the first machine I knew I didn't belong there. Every other day is too frequent for resistance machines.

Below are the machines identified in the manner of "2-3" (2nd row 3rd machine from the north wall). The west wall looks up Federal Highway and shows 2 gas stations. The north wall faces onto Hillsboro and you see Walgreen's, PNC Bank, & Sherwin Williams. The 1 or 2 numbers on the right are logical settings, sometimes 1 and sometimes 2 depending on the machine.

Here's an approximation of the floor plan.

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